Why We Invested: Revelstoke

Next Generation SOAR

1. What core problem does Revelstoke solve?

“My co-founder Josh and I started Revelstoke to solve a problem we helped create. There are so many security devices on the market, and I’ve sold a number of them over my career. It was necessary to create a solution to help manage them all.” — Bob Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO.

2. One of the key differentiators for Revelstoke is that it’s a low-code platform. What is the benefit to building and using no-code/low-code solutions?

3. Is the problem you’re solving accelerating in terms of its scale? Why?

4. How do you think about fostering great culture at a remote company?

“It’s been a dream of mine to start my own company and make it a fun and fulfilling place to work for everyone. Becoming an entrepreneur is an incredibly risky decision, but, in the end, life’s too short not to just go for it. Josh and I have pulled together a strong team, and you can see everyone’s passion shine through from every corner of the company.” — Bob Kruse, Co-Founder and CEO.

5. What cybersecurity thought leaders/books/podcasts do you look to for continued learning?



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