Why We Invested: Qualifi

The future of hiring is here.

1. What is Qualifi and what core problem does it solve?

The phone interview is usually the biggest bottleneck of the recruitment process. It can take weeks to get through, which is frustrating for both recruiters and candidates. Qualifi automates and standardizes this part of the process.

2. What gave you the idea to found Qualifi?

My previous role was at a high-growth startup company. I was the second employee after the founder, and my job covered everything from internal operations to finance to HR and recruitment. We grew from just the two of us to 70 people in 3 years. And for the first 40 employees, I was in charge of recruitment.

3. Qualifi has 35+ customers. What’s an example of a customer who’s really optimizing the product and what results have they seen?

Reid Health is a great customer example. They’ve been really engaged with the product. Reid Health is a 5,000 employee hospital in Richmond, Indiana. They’re the main employer in their community, and their brand and reputation are important. They want to create positive touch points with everyone who applies, but it’s a small HR team of four people who typically need to hire ~100 people per month. And they receive thousands of applications per month.

4. How does Qualifi help mitigate bias in the recruitment process and diversify the talent pipeline?

Qualifi is audio-based, so it focuses less on the visual aspect and more on what the candidate is saying. It’s also structured so every candidate gets the same experience and you can compare them more fairly. If you’re not careful in a live interview, the conversation can go a variety of ways. Even a slight difference in how you ask a question can lead to different answers.

5. What are you most excited about in 2022?

Every year for a startup is a monumental year, but we have some really big, ambitious goals across every department in 2022. Each department is shipping something major, and I’m excited to see those features and projects come to fruition.



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