Why We Invested: Ostra Cybersecurity

Bringing Big Company Cybersecurity Technology to Businesses of All Sizes

1. Why do you think comprehensive cybersecurity solutions have largely been out of reach for most SMBs? Why hasn’t the industry focused on this market?

There have been a few attempts to bring the cybersecurity tools and solutions used by the enterprise market to SMBs, but they really are two very different markets. This is partially due to the sales process. It’s much easier to sell into a large company and win one large deal for hundreds of millions of dollars than it is to go target hundreds of smaller businesses.

2. Ostra has a robust channel partner network. Tell me more about why you chose that business model and how you’ve made it a success.

Because small business owners usually aren’t IT experts, the SMB marketspace uses trusted advisors to make their IT purchases. These advisors are often managed service providers (MSPs). Since IT and cybersecurity have historically been lumped together, these are also the people our clients look to for cybersecurity advice. Developing relationships with trusted advisors is where we’ve found success. Having that relationship and building trust has enabled us to have a sub 1% churn rate over the last 4–5 years.

3. Mike, you have 20+ years experience in cybersecurity. What are some of the biggest learnings you’re bringing forward into Ostra?

We want our mission and values to extend into the services we provide for our clients. For years, I’ve watched friends who own small businesses deal with ransomware breaches that they couldn’t figure out how to solve. It was hard because solutions did exist, but they were designed for large enterprises. I founded Ostra to bring SMBs the successful services and solutions that I built and deployed for Fortune 10 companies.

4. What are your top priorities now that you’re funded?

Our focus is on building repeatable and scalable processes as we continue to rapidly grow. This involves investing in technology, hiring the right people and testing and communicating each process — whether it’s related to sales, operations, finance or the partner lifecycle.

5. What is the most important thing to get right in the early stages of building a company?

Culture and values are the most important thing to get right. Everything else will come as a result of that. If we build the right culture and hire the right people who have the same drive, care and willingness to ensure our customers are getting the right solution, then that culture will help us scale the right way.



We unite a thriving ecosystem of emerging business technology. For more information visit www.rallyventures.com

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Rally Ventures

We unite a thriving ecosystem of emerging business technology. For more information visit www.rallyventures.com