The Rally Ventures SaaS+ Playbook

Sales Structure and Compensation

About and Why They Chose to be a SaaS+ Company

Marketing and Education

Packaging and Pricing

  • The psychology of pricing and consumption shows that people are more likely to value and use a product that costs money. Customers are more likely to show up for kick-off, advocate within their company and follow through on the implementation process.
  • Familiarity. There was a lot of confusion around why the platform was free when they tried going through the sales process with no SaaS fee. Customers are used to paying subscription fees for software, and not having that is unfamiliar and just seems too good to be true. This point also ties back to how important education around the SaaS+ structure is throughout the sales and onboarding process.

Top of Funnel

Demo and Sale Stage

  • It is more important for the marketing channel to be diligent on qualification and discovery. Corey noted that he puts much more emphasis on qualification at, as opposed to previous traditional SaaS companies. This is because some customers have a higher volume of funds flowing through their platform and therefore place a higher emphasis on non SaaS features, such as embedded payments.
  • Resources that are traditionally put into pre-sale should be reallocated to post-sale. For example, we recommend involving a sales engineer post-sale as opposed to pre-sale because companies need more support post-sale in order to be successful. Failing to correctly implement the software results in reduced usage and reduced funds flow, which directly impacts customer value.

Post-Sale Stage


Sales and Rev Ops

SaaS+ Careers



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