The Future of Work is Now

Rally’s “Future of Work” investment thesis focuses on entrepreneurs who innovate well around the way we work.

  • Bugcrowd is a crowd-sourced security platform that helps enterprises develop a customized security testing program to bolster their security posture. Skilled cyber professionals can pick what they want to work on and when they want to do it, wherever they happen to be in the world.
  • Epoch is an employee experience platform that helps HR teams manage and run their internal programs and events. It makes it possible for companies to take HR remote and deliver world-class company culture, regardless of where their employees are geographically located.
  • Gappify is automating the office of the CFO with its cloud-based automation solutions and proprietary RPA architecture, giving accountants more time to focus on driving strategy and growth.
  • Krista is an intelligent automation and conversational AI company enabling front line workers to offload rote tasks and more quickly access the information and systems they need for higher value tasks.
  • Kyros is a digital platform for people and organizations within the recovery community. It operates as a marketplace to connect clients with service providers, and connects service providers with the additional services and capacities they need to scale.
  • ManageXR is bringing the metaverse to enterprise with its enterprise level device management platform. As people move towards mass XR adoption in the enterprise space, ManageXR provides a full-fledged solution to help manage and scale XR deployments.
  • Qualifi increases the productivity of recruiters with its on-demand phone interview platform. It eliminates the need for scheduling phone interviews, increases the productivity of recruiters and helps mitigate bias in the hiring process.
  • Yardstik is a comprehensive, fully integrated human security software platform that is tailored to marketplaces and SaaS platforms, with an API-first approach that enables candidates to have a seamless and positive experience in an otherwise tedious part of the recruitment process.



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