The Backtrace Story II

1. You and Samy went through some challenging years with Backtrace. How did you develop the grit to persevere through those tough times? And what advice would you give to founders who are currently in the trenches?

Founders Samy Al Bahra and Abel Mathew

2. You and Samy did a great job at keeping your cash burn low. How did you accomplish this?

3. The board of directors plays a critical role in the success of a venture-backed company, and CEOs typically don’t pick the majority of their board. Tell me how you approached adding an independent board member, one of the few seats you do get to pick.

4. Rally Tech Partners are a key component in the success of our portfolio companies. We’re thrilled to now have you and Samy join this fantastic group of advisors. How do you want to approach your new role as a Rally Tech Partner?



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