A no-code platform to fight modern cybercrime threats.

Online businesses lose over $50B each year to fraudsters, scammers and identity thieves, even though they spend three times that amount maintaining and updating their defenses. Attackers have no-code tools and click-to-deploy networks that put them at an unfair advantage against busy risk engineering teams.

The founders at SpecTrust have worked side-by-side with the hidden heroes fighting cybercrime for the better part of the last decade and they knew there was a better solution. …

Making saving social and attainable.

Backer is a social savings platform that makes it quick and easy to set up a 529 plan account and get family and friends involved as contributors (“backers”).

Backer has helped families save $20 million for college, with 40% of the money coming from grandparents, aunts/uncles, and friends of the family — a rate of gifting that’s 30x higher than the 529 industry average. With Americans carrying a record $1.8 trillion in student loan debt, Backer helps families give their child the prospect of financial freedom.

The 529 industry is a several hundred billion dollar opportunity, but it’s still fairly…

The best traits to cultivate in a high-performance CFO.

Rally Tech Partner and Domo CFO Bruce Felt has more than 25 years of management and financial operations experience in companies ranging from early stage to IPO.

Bruce was previously the CFO of SuccessFactors, guiding the company through a public offering, six acquisitions and its $3.4 billion sale to SAP. He was also the CFO for LANDesk Software, Auction.com and Qualix Group, and he was the founder of Renaissance Software.

At a recent Masterclass for Rally portfolio companies, Bruce talked through what it takes to build a world-class finance organization and how the role of a CFO evolves over time.

A human security platform for platforms.

Yardstik is the market’s first comprehensive, fully integrated human security software platform. Pure white–label, it leverages deep background screening, certification administration, verification management, training systems and industry–specific nuance. It offers a unique operating model tailored to marketplaces and SaaS platforms, with an API-first approach adaptable to virtually any industry.

Rally Managing Director Justin Kaufenberg experienced first-hand how critical it is to commit to human security when you are a vertical platform of record. While Justin was the CEO of SportsEngine, a software platform to manage youth sports organizations, his team made the decision to bring safety and human security in-house…

Art Coviello’s six elements for creating and delivering an effective speech or presentation.

Improving your communication skills — both oral and written—is one of the most important drivers of executive growth. Success with customers, employees, partners and investors very often depends upon your ability to communicate well.

Rally Venture Partner Art Coviello has more than 30 years of strategic, operating and financial management experience in technology companies. He is also a professional public speaker with decades of experience presenting on a variety of topics in the public and private sector.

Art previously served as the CEO and Executive Chairman of RSA, the Security Division of EMC, and he was the driving force in…

Bbot is building the only pure API, pure white label food/hospitality payments tech infrastructure platform in the market.

The Bbot co-founders, Steve, Luke and Greg, first met as officers and nuclear engineers while stationed at Naval Reactors in Washington, D.C. The three of them worked on instrumentation and control systems for submarines and aircraft carriers.

They kept in touch for many years after leaving the Navy, ultimately working together to develop the original Bbot, a ceiling-based robotic delivery system that delivers drinks to tables in restaurants. The robot evolved into software that allows guests to order and pay from wherever they are located on the property.

Today, Bbot offers a robust, configurable solution that helps 500+ restaurants, bars…

Zingtree’s powerful technology and world-class team make this a unique opportunity. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the Rally portfolio.

Tens of thousands of times a day, customer care teams and contact centers try to help people navigate complex situations — answering insurance questions, scheduling someone with the right physician, fixing a product, etc. Yet those agents typically have to hunt through docs and spreadsheets to find the right information, which leads to errors, slow resolution times and a sub-optimal experience for the customer.

Frontline teams crave better tools to translate complex information into clear actions, which is why we’re excited to announce our recent investment in Zingtree. Their no-code, interactive decision tree software helps teams create dynamic scripts that…

Fund IV will invest in early-stage business technology companies bringing transformative approaches to cloud infrastructure, fintech, SaaS+ and security.

We are excited to announce the close of Rally IV, a $250 million fund to invest in early-stage companies bringing innovative approaches to enterprise technology.

Rally had oversubscribed demand for this fourth fund, closing well above target, and bringing the firm’s total committed capital raised since inception to nearly $600 million. Rally closed its last fund of $150 million in 2018.

We’re proud to have the continued support of our existing limited partners and thrilled to be adding new investors with a long-term commitment to venture capital: a high-caliber group of endowments, foundations, family offices and corporate investors.

The Rally…

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